In an effort to create a stable source of revenue for the programs benefiting those we presently serve and those we will serve in the future, Elim Care created three endowment funds in 2003.

Each endowment fund targets groups that are essential to Elim’s mission: our residents, our staff and our spiritual care. The contributions made to each of our endowment funds are prudently invested so that the earnings generated can serve as an ongoing source of funding for these important areas. Your gift of any amount contributes to the health and success of these funds.

Please consider the positive, long-term impact a gift to our endowment funds will have on these vital aspects of our ministry.

Resident Benevolence Endowment Fund

At times, we have all needed a helping hand. For many residents, our Resident Benevolence Fund is the helping hand they need to get through a difficult time. Through the Resident Benevolence Fund, we are able to financially assist those residents who need it the most, allowing them to enjoy their later years without worrying about a safe and comfortable place to call home.

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Staff Scholarship Endowment Fund

Anyone who has had a loved one at Elim Care will tell you that the outstanding staff at Elim Care are a true blessing. As our staff members grow in their careers, we want to offer them the opportunity to grow with us. Our Staff Scholarship Endowment Fund is one of the most effective ways we can accomplish this goal. By providing funding for educational opportunities for our nursing staff, we retain our most talented care givers. Enhancing our staff’s career opportunities benefits our residents too, as they receive familiar, consistent and compassionate care provided by competent staff.

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Chaplaincy Endowment Fund

Spiritual care is at the heart of our mission: to serve in the spirit of Christ’s love. Our dedicated chaplaincy staff provides friendship and guidance to our residents and their families. Many times, it is the kind word, wise counsel or meaningful prayer of a chaplain that provides much-needed comfort and hope to those we serve. The Chaplaincy Endowment Fund will help ensure that spiritual care will continue to be offered for years to come.

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