The Elim Oasis Society honors those who are uncommonly dedicated to supporting Elim Care’s mission of serving seniors in the spirit of Christ’s love. Members are recognized for three different kinds of legacy gifts:

A Future Gift

By designating Elim Care as the beneficiary of part of an estate or by planning a gift with the Elim Care Foundation, donors become elegible for the Oasis Society.

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A Service Legacy Gift

Employees and volunteers with an exceptional record of service to Elim can be nominated for the Oasis Society. Once an individual is nominated, other donors contribute financial gifts in recognition of the nominated individual’s service to Elim Care. Once the donated funds reach a total of $2,000, the nominee is inducted into the Oasis Society.

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A Current Endowment Gift

A current endowment gift is recognized in the Oasis Society when a gift of $10,000 or more is given to one of Elim Care’s three endowment funds. Visit our Endowment Funds page to learn more.

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If you would like more information about the Oasis Society, please contact Elim Care’s Development Department at (952)259-4500.