Is personalized, quality care becoming a burden to you or your loved one? Within the existing context, are family and friends exhausted or feeling a disproportionate draw on their emotional or physical resources?

Has vulnerability (physical, financial, cognitive, or otherwise) impeded you or your loved one’s security or ability to thrive in the current living situation?

Are there chronic, consistent needs present that are not being adequately met in the current environment?

The Right Questions will Reveal the Real Needs
Once you’ve asked the primary question of “Why are we talking about this?” you can begin drilling down into more questions.

Within the context of the right questions, you can navigate each step of this process with clarity. You can take steps forward with confidence that you are making good decisions and considering the implications.

And after you take this honest inventory and are able to decide what steps need to be taken, you can begin to put hands and feet to how it will look for you and your family.

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