And now, take a step forward…

There’s nothing like eating together.

At mealtimes, you can get a feel for a family’s culture. You see what dynamics are at work, what values are important, and what a home feels like.

The same is true here.

Once you know what kind of care you are looking for (because of your honest conversation), and what options are available to you and your family (financially, geographically, and otherwise), you can compile a list of potential solutions and schedule a visit

Take A Look!


The sights, sounds, smells (and tastes!) of the place you visit will tell you a lot about whether it is a place you or your loved one could call a home away from home.

So plan a visit. Take an authentic, unfiltered look at the environment. It is then that you can get a feel for it, and take the right steps in making this important decision.

Leading up to a final decision for senior care for you or a loved one can take a few hours or a few months. Sometimes a family or an individual can get a feel for something right away. Sometimes it takes more investigation and “homework” than anyone was expecting.

Regardless of where you are, many have gone before you and have documented their work. There are guides and cheat sheets for this process and we’ve taken the liberty of collecting some of the most useful under one roof. Take a look here to dig in.

Let Us Help

Take Action

Come be part of our community, even if just for a day. Enjoy a fresh-cooked meal.  Engage in conversations about what days are like at one of our beautiful campuses.  Experience a community full of life and new opportunities.

Whether you are considering long-term care for an immediate solution or doing groundwork to prepare for the future, Elim Care is here…every step of the way…with the experience and staff to help you.

Start A Conversation  Plan Your Day With Us