As care is given to those who are in need it is easy to think in terms of what they need physically or emotionally. However, holistic care must also include spiritual care because individuals consist of “spirit, soul and body” (I Thessalonians 5:23).

Spiritual care takes place when individuals compassionately nurture what God is doing in the lives of those they serve. This kind of care seeks to deepen and enhance a person’s relationship with God. Spiritual care may include such resources as music, compassionate presence, worship, prayer, Bible reading, Christian literature, or appropriate human touch.

Each Elim Care Community provides spiritual care through a chaplain who is part of the management team. The chaplain seeks to glorify God by serving residents, staff and their families through compassionate pastoral service in the spirit of Christ’s love. It is their desire to nurture the work of God in each person’s life through prayerful counsel, attentive listening and biblical instruction as they share the Good News of Christ.